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What is Axe Throwing?
A: Axe Throwing is a target sport similar to darts and bowling. Players aim to hit the target from a line 12 feet away for hatchet throwing and 15 feet for big axe throwing. Numerous games can be played within each session.
Do you provide training?
A: Absolutely! Every camper receives a quick safety and training orientation, with a camp counselor on hand for extra guidance.
Is there a special price for large groups?
A: Yes, for groups over 15 people, please email us at CampLeader@SlashersOC.com to discuss options.
Do you take walk-ins?
A: Walk-ins are welcome, subject to lane availability. Online bookings are recommended.
Can I enjoy the bar without throwing axes?
A: Entry requires an axe-throwing ticket, but you can use the bar during and after your session.
How long are the throwing sessions?
A: Sessions are available for 60 for standard groups or 120 minutes for large groups.
What games can I play?
A: Our venue offers unique games with projected targets. Some of our interactive games include tic-tac-toe, Alien Attack, Battle Stations, Bowling, and more.
Do I only get to throw axes?
A: Yes, only axe throwing here, but we offer two types of hatchets and a big axe to choose from.
Is your location wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, and it’s suitable for wheelchair users, though assistance may be needed for retrieving axes.
What is the minimum age for participants?
A: Our venue is rated PG-13. Children under 13 may have difficulty throwing axes safely and may find the atmosphere too scary. Only ages 13 and above may throw axes with a parent or guardian's permission.  
Is there a league I can join?
A: Not yet, but interested individuals can sign up for future information on our LEAGUES page.
Do you share lanes with other groups?
A: No, each lane is private and can accommodate 1-4 campers.
How many lanes are available?
A: There are 18 lanes at our facility.
Can I just come to watch?
A: Spectators are required to purchase a ticket.
How do I apply to join the Slashers Team?
A: Interested individuals over 18 can fill out an application in person.

Ticket Questions

How much does axe throwing cost?
A: Prices are $40 per person for 1 hour and $65 per person for 2 hours.
What if I need to reschedule or cancel?
Rescheduling: Rescheduling your session is free. If you do not know what day you would like to reschedule, we can make you a custom credit code to be used at your convenience, free of charge. Credit codes never expire, but our ticket prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Campers must call (714) 323-0126 to reschedule. There is a 10% fee if you need to reschedule your session more than once.

Cancellations & Refunds:
If you need to cancel your game and would like a refund, there is a 10% processing fee based on your original transaction amount. Or you can receive a credit code to use towards a future booking, free of charge. Campers must call (714) 323-0126 to reschedule.
What if my group is late or someone can’t make it?
A: Contact us at (714) 323-0126 with an updated headcount. Campers who can not make their scheduled booking can receive a credit code for a future session, free of charge, or a refund with a 10% fee. If you are late for your session, we will try to accommodate you, but depending on our availability, your session may not be the full hour, depending on how late your group is. We can get incomplete parties started, and the remainder of your party can join you when they arrive for the remainder of the session. Refunds are not available for groups who arrive late.
Can I add more players after purchasing tickets?
A: Yes, but please inform us as soon as possible to reserve the correct number of targets.
Can I rent the entire venue?
A: The venue is available for private events. Contact us at CampLeader@SlashersOC.com for more details.

Safety and Rules

What should I wear?
A: Wear fitting clothing and closed-toe shoes. Closed-toe shoes are required.
How long is the training session?
A: Training takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on experience level.
Is axe throwing safe?
A: We prioritize safety above all. Our setup includes single target lanes with metal fencing, no-bounce mats around targets, and traditional wooden-handled axes. Every participant undergoes a brief training session before starting, and continuous supervision is provided.
What are the safety rules?
A: To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, we have established these rules:

Closed-Toe Shoes Requirement: All campers must wear closed-toe shoes.
One Thrower at a Time: Only one camper can throw per lane at any given moment.
Sequential Throwing: Throw one axe, retrieve it, then proceed with the next throw.
Axe Handling: Place axes back in the designated area after your turn.
Safety Line: Observers must stay behind the safety line when not throwing.
Lane Restrictions: Axes are not to be taken out of their respective lanes.
No Food/Drinks in Lanes: Consumables are only allowed in designated areas.
Overhand Throws Only: All throws should be overhand, using the dominant hand.
No Roughhousing: Safety comes first, so no horseplay is allowed.
Age Limit for Throwers: Children must be at least 13 years old to participate in throwing.
Alcohol Consumption: Adult campers with valid ID can have a maximum of three alcoholic beverages while participating.
Intoxication Rule: Throwing axes while intoxicated is strictly prohibited.
Rule Compliance: Failure to adhere to these rules may result in expulsion without a refund.

Food and Drinks

Do you sell food and drinks?
A: We have a selection of soft drinks, bottled and draft beer, hard seltzer, and special horror-themed drinks. Packaged snacks are also available. For private parties, you're welcome to bring your own food, but we don't allow outside beverages.
Can guests bring their own food?
A: You are welcome to bring your food or snacks, but no outside beverages.
Do you supply plates, forks, and knives?
A: No, we do not provide any eating utensils.  The group's responsible for bringing their own if they are planning to bring outside food.